My first blog!

I read something recently about people’s Twitter journeys and how most people start off with something like “my first tweet”. The pressure to say something profound, amusing or insightful when in fact you don’t have any followers yet is somewhat misguided.  Well I’ve just realised it’s much the same with blogging! So, hello world – this is my first blog!

It’s two months today since I left VSO and two months tomorrow since I registered this blog.  So what’s kept me?  Well, a hefty dose of technophobia for a start; I stopped by a few times but was perpetually baffled by themes, widgets and dashboards.  But @roundpeg22 gave me a deadline and anyone who knows me knows I love a deadline!  Tomorrow is the second meeting of Crystal Palace Jelly (more on that another day) and at our first meeting I promised her I’d have my site done by the time we met again! 

I’ve also been busy getting going – buying office furniture, converting part of my wardrobe into a store cupboard, getting my cards done, networking frantically and even working! 

And I tell you people, don’t ever moan again about IT, Finance or Facilities.  When you work at home no one comes down to fix your printer (thanks to my flatmate for providing printing services for the first month – I won’t say where she works), insurance takes a really long time to sort out and Gerry doesn’t come to put a blind up!

But it’s all been brilliant fun. The seemingly mundane has proved exciting, I am already working with some really inspiring organisations, which I will tell you about in future blogs and my morning commute is a walk around my park.

And no, I have never worked in my pyjamas!


4 thoughts on “My first blog!

  1. Catherine, your site looks fantastic! It was brilliant to see you the other day and hear how well things are going. What a great start for your business!

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