A song for the girls of Ghana

Well, what do you know, you wait months for a blog to come along and two appear in a day! But after introducing you to Remarkable Rachia earlier, I thought I’d let you meet Emilia. She’s also remarkable!

Can you imagine passing your GCSEs with flying colours, and then going back to do them all over again? Probably not, but that’s what Emilia did. After Junior High School in Ghana education stops being free. Emilia’s parents couldn’t afford to send both her and her brother to Senior Secondary School so rather than let her brain get tired or be influenced into early marriage she went back for more free schooling.

She got to secondary school in the end, but she had to work first. After I interviewed her she asked if she could sing us a song. Here it is.

The words are:

Girls of Ghana come together listening to the golden news, of the girl child education, everybody shall rejoice.

The day has come when the shame of all our men shall be no more, kayaye*, female abuses, early marriage shall all end.

Forwards ever, backwards never, so we know we never force head and hearts and hands together, so we say help us along (or she might say Our Lord here!).

*Kayaye is a practice where young girls, usually from the poorer north, travel to the south of Ghana to work as head porters.


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