Our debts are paid.

Our flight to Nairobi is delayed so as I sit in a three-sided hut that is Lodwar Airport, I thought I’d squeeze out one last blog.

So, some of you might have seen me tweet that last Saturday we arrived in Lodwar to a party in full swing. The beer was flowing, the tunes were loud, the football louder. We were told that the first person to bed has to buy the goat for the next party.

Oh dear. We were sick. The team here were still dancing at 3am; we were in bed at 9pm!

So this afternoon at the end of our presentation we paid our debts! The cheer was loud. Please note, the featured goat is alive and well in Kisii, this image is purely for illustration. But there is an envelope of money that will feed the next party and we have told them we expect photos!

Thanks to the Merlin teams in Kisii and Turkana for your warm welcomes, packed itineraries, for looking after us when we were sick and most of all for all the inspiring work you’re doing here. It has been a privilege working alongside you for the last two weeks.

Party hard!


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