This morning I sponsored a bottom.

This morning I sponsored a bottom. Well, I sponsored a whole person and a cause, but it all started with a bottom…a woman’s bottom to be precise. And it wasn’t even a woman I knew.

The story began shortly after 9am this Sunday just gone with me wandering up Constitution Hill to the start line of the British 10k. The heat was already rising and I was trying hard not to think about the inevitable discomfort of the next 90 minutes. I sought comfort from the fact that nobody was taking the official advice of jogging the 1.5k from the bag drop to the start as a warm up.

I started to look at the T shirts around me. A bright yellow one caught my eye. I was touched to see a photograph of loved ones pinned to the wearer’s bum. I always find the names and photographs that adorn people’s kit particularly poignant at these races. Friends, families and loved ones whose stories you will never know, but who have inspired some committed person to run, jog, walk, hobble…

So I snapped a picture and tweeted this…

A couple of hours later I read this:

Then this:

Sarah Turley was in my team at VSO. Claire Cooper is her colleague at Crisis. Sarah just happened to be having a lazy mooch through Twitter of a Sunday morning and saw me tweet her friend’s bum. Of all the 25,000 bums I could have chosen to snap and tweet, it was that one!

So last night we all went for a glass of wine. We toasted our sweaty run. Claire told me the story of the photo, of how she was running in memory of her best friend’s Mum who died in June, just five months after being diagnosed with Leukaemia. It was a story I never expected to hear as I’d idly tweeted 36 hours earlier.

There were hundreds of sad stories pinned to people’s t shirts on Sunday, but this little anecdote is going to make me smile for years to come!


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