Marathon Training: Things I’ve learnt so far…

RainSo, it’s back to work tomorrow and I’ve got the usual post-Christmas excitement about the New Year and a fresh set of challenges. This year it includes one I never imagined I would tackle and that’s the London Marathon.

I’ve been plodding around the streets of Crystal Palace since early November and I have just worked out that in the first two weeks of the beginner’s 16 week training plan I am following I have run 26.42 miles. So, over the course of the last two weeks I have run what I hope to cover in about 5 hours just 14 weeks from today. Mmm…

I am early in my journey but here are some things I learnt so far:

1. Children try to poke you with sticks as you run past them. It happened twice on one run (different children!).
2. Some children are nice and shout ‘stay strong, stay strong’ as you run past. When this happens you try to absorb the goodwill and ignore your concern that you look that in need of encouragement after two miles.
3. In really big parks with lots of space, toddlers (and dogs) will appear from nowhere to trip you up.
4. Rolling a tennis ball up and down the wall with your arse is really bloody painful (more on that another day, maybe!).
5. Dogs in south London have some seriously large bowel movements and their owners don’t seem to notice. Keep the pavements clean people!
6. Running in the rain is really good fun (strange but true).
7. Wicking fabric is really clever. How can it rain that much and the only bit of me that’s wet be my head?!
8. When you’re running in the rain people will look at you like you’re mad.
9. Hawthorn berries squashed on the pavement are as slippery as ice.
10. Running to 80s film soundtracks is not a good idea. Powering through the park to Danger Zone may get you off to a good start but it makes for a bloody exhausted finish.

Find out why I am running the marathon here:


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