At the market

Earlier this week I did a cooking course in Hoi An. I went with the Morning Glory course – a lazy option really as it’s well-established and widely advertised, but I decided to go with it because the holiday is short and I’ve got better things to do that spend hours researching cooking courses.

It was good and I’d recommend it, with caution – it won’t be for everyone. It’s good value but it’s a slick operation – the group size is large, the premises shiny, new and with ‘designed’ atmosphere, and it closes with a nudge to buy the $40 cookbook. If you’re after a more homely, personal, ‘cooking with mama’ experience then spend the time on research that I couldn’t be bothered to!

One of the appeals of the course was the trip to the market. Markets are fascinating places, full of colour, life, noise and some things you’d rather not see! But they’re hard to poke around with your camera when you’re not shopping and don’t speak the local language. So heading out for the shopping trip was too good an opportunity to miss! I’m not sure I was the most attentive pupil during the herbs and fruits lessons – I was too busy snapping away! I can tell you though that I have utmost respect for the woman slicing that lemongrass at that speed – I glanced my finger across one of the slicers she was using a bit later and the pain and blood were instant!




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