Today, at a road junction…

20140420-173157.jpgBeing on holiday on your own gives you lots of time to do things you wouldn’t do if you were with someone. Like sit in cafés, drinking beer and seeing if you really can get the photos from your camera to your iPhone to your blog using wifi and a couple of apps. If you’re reading this I guess we can say the answer is yes.

The other thing you can do when you don’t have someone else’s time to be mindful of is take 262 photos of a road junction. Yes I did just say that. I have a new camera and I’m playing with various settings and shutter speeds. I was trying to capture the freneticism of Ho Chi Minh City’s roads. I hadn’t quite realised just how many shots would be captured when I used the ‘continuous shooting’ function. Put it this way, I could make a great time lapse film of that junction!

I didn’t get any shots like the one I had in mind, but I’m including this one because it made me chuckle; I hadn’t noticed when I took the shot that amongst the bikes, scooters, cars and buses is a woman on foot. Cool as a cucumber. I promise I’m not doing that Mum!